Crayon Colour Collections

Our handmade shape crayons are available in a variety of colour options to suit everyone.

Each crayon set will include a varied selection from your chosen colour collection, there may be different shades of the same colour but there will not be duplicates of the same colour in each set.

For example, a set may include a light green and a dark green crayon, but will not include two dark green crayons.

Standard: A selection of standard colours for everyday projects, including variations of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink and orange.

Neon: The boldest and brightest colours, add the wow factor to your art with these vibrant colours.

Pastel: Soft and sweet colours, ideal for subtle shades of colour.

Glitter: Colourful and sparkly glitter infused crayons, the perfect way to add glitter to art projects with out the mess.

Pearl: Smooth and shiny crayons, with a unique appearance that changes under different light.

Metallic: Shimmery and slick with a metallic sheen, these look great on dark coloured paper.